Designing a website that meets all your business needs.

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Does your business to integrate more into its website?

Does your business need something more than a brochure website? Do you need to integrate a range of applications or build a complex back end system? Our expert developers can help ensure your website does exactly what you need it to. 


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What is JAMStack?

JAMStack is an architecture approach that decouples the front-end from your data and business-logic. This protects your site, improves security, boosts performance and makes scaling your website easier as your business grows, so it won't cost you the earth. 

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Benefits of Static Websites

Static websites have many benefits for your business including:

  • Lower hosting costs
  • Less loading time (which search engines love)
  • Improved security
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Why we use
Gatsbyjs, Shopify and Wordpress

GatsbyJS, Shopify and WordPress are the best tools for a highly performing website. GatsbyJS enables our developers to build static sites quickly. You can guarantee your GatsbyJS website will have the fastest website loading speeds and it allows you to connect any backend system you want to use on your website. While Shopify is a robust, easy to use e-commerce platform and WordPress is ideal for creating and storing your content.

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Who we work with

RJM work with growing, ambitious companies that want to use technology to create digital marketing that gives them the competitive edge.

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Their experienced team will work with you to understand the functionality needs of your website. The end result is a website that represents your business and brand and does its job as an integral part of your marketing.


Our developers will your the architecture of your site, ensuring all your requirements are built into your website. You can make as many tweaks and changes at this stage until you're 100% happy. 


RJM developers will build your static website using the JAMStack architecture, so it loads quickly and meets your needs. You can track your website's progress on our test server and we'll ask you to sign off on the final design once you're 100% happy before we launch.


Once the RJM team has checked and double-checked everything on your website is working and worded perfectly, we launch your website into the world. 

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Web Design


Our web development provides you with a custom built website that meets the bespoke needs of your business. Contact us for a free consultation, where we can propose a solution and provide you with a custom quote.





Can you help us with making changes to code after launch?

Of course! We either charge by the hour for changes or for larger requests we provide a fixed cost quote.


Can you provide hosting for our project?

We have our own Gatsby Cloud and WordPress service where you can host your solution on. 


Will I own the source code?

Yes, with all of our bespoke web development projects you will own the source code to put on your own servers / infrastructure. 

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